Think of our offer as a franchise, but with enhanced clarity
We have only one dream, to create a world where perfect coffee shops are the norm. In our coffee shop, we have already done something in order to reach our dream
We build strong trustable family brand. Relations it's most important in our offer. Want be in family? Check what we prepared for your easy start
Nikolas Koskossidis
marketing director, founder
  • Good Coffee
    We work only with fresh specialty greek roasted coffee from our partner TAF. The roasting profile of our blend is ideal for both - classic black coffees and milky coffee drinks. We offer exclusive special pricing for our franchise partners on our premium coffee, allowing them to enjoy the exceptional taste while maximizing profits.
  • Powerful knoledges 
    We are coffee nerds with a meticulous approach to making coffee. Our experienced team has extensive marketing and sales knowledge. Additionally, we're tech enthusiasts with advanced CRM and mobile app systems, as well as a fantastic loyalty program.
  • Cozy interior
    We take pride in crafting interior spaces that capture the hearts of our guests. By handling our design projects in-house, we maintain greater control over the final product and can ensure that every detail is carefully considered.
  • Easy entry
    As you begin your journey with us, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to start working and growing your business as easily as possible.
    To make your entry into our franchise as smooth as possible, we have taken care of everything in advance.
No Limits for Love, Friends and good coffee! Welcome to the Long Talk Family ❤️
How we create a non-boring coffee shop brand,
See what makes our coffeeshops cool and smart,
Friendly atmosphere
We value experience as much as coffee and food. Our unique atmosphere leaves you energized and inspired. Each of our locations has its own vibe and personality. p/s we don't believe in cookie-cutter coffee shops that all look the same.
Signature Recipes
Don't you think that the market wants something new? Yes! That is why we are constantly coming up with new drinks that not only taste delicious but also look incredible.
Sweets and eats
Our coffee shop offers only the most interesting and trendy sweets and eats. Try our famous banana bread and our new concept of salads in coffee cups.
Our coffee shop franchise comes with a powerful tool for success - our friendly mobile app. With it, your customers can easily place orders, earn rewards, and stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and events. It's the ultimate convenience for coffee lovers on the go!
Cash Back
Imagine giving your guests an unconditional cashback at our coffee shop. They'll love the added perk and can't wait to share it with their friends. Whether it helps them earn or save, our cashback system is definitely cool. So come on in and enjoy the benefits!
Work Flow
With a well-designed workflow, coffee shops can ensure that orders are processed quickly and accurately, reducing wait times for customers and improving their overall experience. We have created a special protocol, focusing on which each new employee begins to work effectively in the shortest possible time.
Our skilled photographer and designer work together to create captivating visuals that showcase our brand and products at a high level, helping us to stand out and attract customers.
Delivery Services
We offer easy coffee and food ordering through popular delivery platforms and our app, with attractive photos, deals, and reliable delivery. Our focus on excellent service leads to high customer satisfaction and positive ratings.
  • 0%

  • 23%

  • 0%

    Marketing/Software fee
  • 19 €

    Coffee price
  • 30K €

    Direct Investments from
  • 45 days

    Guaranteed opening within
  • 15K €

    Opening service fee
  • 24 month

  • 20 m2

    minimal required space
Coffee shop concepts.

We offer several flexible coffee shop options to meet your goals and budget. Choose what works best for you!

No Limits for Love, Friends and good coffee! Welcome to the Long Talk Family ❤️
Core Team
The biggest hearts which work every day to provide the best service and make our friends happy
Nikos Koskossidis
Owner and head of marketing
Yana Papadopoulou
Head of kitchen department
Alexander Khvan
Marina Feliche
Architect and interior designer
First guests and coffee brewing. All boring tasks give to CRM system. Good?
It Manages
All orders. Clients account. Cashback system. Everything about delivery. Our stock. All finance.
What our customers say ❤️
We're thrilled to share that we've received a high ranking on Google Maps! 🌟 A big thank you to all of our wonderful customers who've supported our coffee shop with their valuable feedback. Your trust and loyalty mean the world to us, and we promise to keep serving up the best coffee in town. Come visit us soon and see what all the buzz is about!
  • Marina Girgis
    Google reviews
    Such a lovely place with kind people and good coffee! I love the NYC inspired coffee cups :)
  • Matouš Illík
    Google reviews
    It was great experience to taste such a delicious coffee as they have here! Very kind staff work there ❤️ I like it so much. 😊
  • Paschalis Ger
    Google reviews
    Ο αγαπημένος μου καφές, εξαιρετικά τα παιδιά μέσα και ο χωρίς πολύ προσεγμένος. Πολύ ποιοτικά σνακ για να συνοδεύσουν τον εξαιρετικό τους καφέ!
  • Andreas Mpaltas
    Google reviews
    Υπέροχος καφές από τους καλύτερους!
    Τα παιδιά είναι άψογα και πάρα πολύ σωστοί στην δουλειά του!!!
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Welcome to our first meeting! We'll explain our business model and answer your questions. We'll also help you fill out a detailed questionnaire to better understand your needs and goals. Let's work together to achieve success.
Negotiations with a discussion of the contract and details of cooperation. Signing an agreement. Payment of a lump sum. Transfer of the franchise package.
Concept Development
We work with you to develop a unique concept that aligns with your vision and stands out in the market.

Location Scouting:
Our team will help you identify the perfect location for your cafe, based on your target market and competitive landscape.
Design and Layout:
We'll create a customized design and layout that maximizes the potential of your space and creates an unforgettable ambiance.
Equipment and Furnishings:
We'll help you select the best equipment and furnishings for your cafe, ensuring quality and functionality.
Staff Training and Support:
We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you build and retain a top-performing team.
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