Pianeta Light Blue

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Pianeta, a coffee that promotes sustainability. We define sustainable coffee as a coffee that is cultivated in a way that is friendly to the environment, its production does not uses up natural resources and it is part of the continuous development and sustainable growth. A coffee farm contributing to sustainable growth, uses as much as needed, uses resources efficiently and offers to its land and its people as much as it is given. A sustainable coffee farm uses organic fertilizers and applies methods that increase the production efficiency of the coffee trees in the long run for high-quality yields, and adopt natural practices such as the cultivation under the shade of trees. Moreover, it provides medical care to their employees and they apply fair wages and good working conditions. This kind of farms produce coffees that have created the Pianeta blends. Pianeta is the name that was selected for this particular line and includes two dimensions. Its meaning (planet) is directly related to the sense of sustainability, according to which these coffees are cultivated.

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