Costa Rica - Hacienda La Minita El Conquistador

La Minita means "the small mine." Traditionally, local legend has it that pre-Colombian Indians came to look for gold on the land that is now the farm. The McAlpin family owns the farm since 1967. La Minita is located about 11/2 hours drive south of San Jose, in the coffee producing area called "Los Santos." The coffee from the farm is considered a Tarrazu coffee but more balanced and flavored than other Tarrazu coffees. The plantation consists of a total of 1,200 acres of land of which 800 acres are currently in production. Of the remaining 400 acres, there are 200 acres of natural forest located on the south side of the farm that will never be used for coffee production. Although there is a section of the farm that approaches 1,800m in altitude, the central block lies between 1,100m and 1,500m. There are approximately 680 acres of coffee in production. The main coffee variety under cultivation is Caturra. The farm produces one crop of coffee each year. The cycle begins with the first rains of the year that normally occur sometime between the end of March and the beginning of May. The timing of the first rain is essential, because it is the rain that signals the tree to begin flowering. Insecticides are not used on the farm. Fortunately, the geographic advantages of the farm's climate and altitude limits the number of insect pests. Most importantly, through careful cultivation and appropriate techniques the coffee trees that are produced are strong and healthy. As well as the office and storage buildings, there are 27 housing units within the farm. There is also a camp with showers and cooking facilities for pickers who live too far away to travel every day. All of the water used in these facilities is fed by springs and is perfectly safe to drink.

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