How it started 
Long Talk Coffee 
We are a family coffee shop. We created Long Talk coffee out of a great love for coffee. 
Specialty coffee, NY bagels and Bounty Iced Latte and cash back system - Isn't this a real hidden gem?

“It’s time for not boring coffee”, - one day told Nikos to his wife Yana, and they decided to start family project with small specialty coffee shop.

In 2022 we opened very small, but modern and cozy spot in one of the residential areas of the center of Athens. Traveling around the world, we were driven crazy by small coffee shops located away from noisy streets, the so-called hidden gems in all guidebooks, and we were sure that we wanted to start with same idea.

“Classic” coffee lovers will find at Long Talk coffee specialty coffee selection from local coffee roastery TAF. Our guests can choose a drink made from one of three coffee origins which we change every week, or, for example, enjoy hand-brewed filter coffee on one of 5 brewing devices. We have also created a permanent promotion for lovers of black coffee: when ordering coffee for delivery, they can receive an excellent cup of filter coffee brewed only with specialty coffee for only 0.10 € and no additional conditions. And by the way, we have a huge selection of fresh coffee in packs for home experts, and before purchasing you can always ask for this coffee to be prepared for you for free.

But still, the distinctive feature of Long Talk coffee is the presence of unique coffee drinks that are not presented anywhere else in Athens. We call this category of our menu “not boring coffee”; these are signature recipes that we are working on with our team. Well, tell me, where else can you try a lavender cream latte or, for example, a cold bounty latte? From the very beginning, we decided that we wanted to make for our guests coffee with WOW effect and at the same time be not just an Instagrammable coffee, but also delicious, made definitely from the best ingredients on the market and sometimes and from those brought. And it seems to us that we have partially succeeded, we realize this when our guests living in completely different parts of Athens return to Kalithea for their favorite unique coffee or, for example, tourists who, following the recommendations, also want to be surprised by our coffee ideas.

Of course, no coffee is complete without a well-chosen pairing. That's why every morning, about 05:30 we start to baking authentic French croissants and our epic banana bread. Also on our menu you will find New York-style bagels which our friends bake according to a real American recipe.

In addition to unique products and coffee, Long Talk coffee has a modern mobile application that easily allows you to make convenient orders and, most importantly, receive real cash back from every coffee you order!

Come and we will definitely surprise you! ❤️

We open our first coffee shop 2021 in Athens, Greece

This page is under construction. Soon you will find all the details of our story about our family and friends.