We take pride - Our coffee is expertly roasted by TAF
Five qualities of our coffee
#1 Experience
TAF is the gold standard for coffee connoisseurs in Greece, experts at roasting high-quality blends.
#2 Great Taste
Our signature house blend, "Pianeta", is crafted using specialty coffee beans, with a minimum SCA ranking of 85. This ensures every cup is of the highest quality and delivers a superior taste.
#3 Sustainability
Pianeta" is a sustainable blend, cultivated in an environmentally and socially friendly way. It is grown using practices such as independence from non-renewable energy, reduction of pollution, conservation of water, use of organic fertilizers, and promotion of high-quality yields.
#4 Promotion and marketing
Our coffee is widely recognized, and people know that TAF roasted coffee means great taste.
#5 Relationships
Coffee that we can talk about endlessly
Pianeta means planet in Italian. And here on this Blue Planet, we at Long Talk realize that great coffee is something important for us on this planet
At Long Talk Coffee, we partner with the best to deliver the best. TAF is one of the best roasteries in Greece, dedicated to sourcing and roasting only the finest coffee beans. This ensures our customers can enjoy a wide range of blends and single origin options that suit every taste. Our baristas have undergone extensive training with TAF to make every cup of Long Talk coffee perfect. Come and discover the Long Talk taste, in partnership with TAF.
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