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Oh, nice products you have in your shop, where do you take them all? 
Long Talk Support:
Thank you, Nikos. We choose all these products because we know them and we like to provide this nice product to our clients. We are resellers of most of them, and our partners around Europe help us to sell them to greek customers. 
Are all these products in stock? 
Long Talk Support:
Hi, Christina. Most of the products we have in our stock and they're ready for shipping, another product we deliver in up to 7 days. 
I want to order coffee beans for my home, are they fresh? Because we drink only fresh coffee. 
Long Talk Support:
Yana, hello! Be sure, you will receive only the freshest coffee beans, directly from the roastery to your home. We will tell you more if the coffee will older than two weeks, we pay for your next order, sounds good? 
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